About mbh

We specialise in your business

Do you work in the insurance or reinsurance sectors? We are a specialist law firm located in Zürich, with connections worldwide that advises on legal issues relevant to insurers and reinsurers, with your business in mind.

Our Clients

Our clients include insurance and reinsurance undertakings and companies involved in those markets. We are also able to support certain insureds, commercial undertakings, in discussions with their insurers.

Your Legal Needs: From set-up to compliance through to disputes

We can assist you across a broad spectrum of your needs, from establishing a branch, to running your business, through to dispute resolution.

International Focus

Like you, we are able to think and work across borders; a real advantage to our clients that reflects how they think about the world and their business.

We have both a transnational make-up and approach: we have gained considerable professional experience not only under the Swiss legal system but also under English, German, Austrian and Liechtenstein law.

We are very familiar with recent legislation and the developments in the European Union. Helmut Heiss has been involved in the Project Group "Restatement of European Insurance Contract Law" (PEICL), as Chairman, and in the transnational project: Principles of Reinsurance Contract Law (PRICL). We are special advisors to PRICL for the development of arbitration clauses.

We can render seamless, one-stop advice without the need to appoint further local counsel and can (depending on the area) give English, German, Austrian and Liechtenstein advice, without the need to look further.

Even where cross-border or multi-jurisdictional advice is not required, our understanding of other jurisdictions helps us to understand the concerns of our clients that come from them. Experience and knowledge of case law in other jurisdictions also helps to understand our clients' position better and to use legal arguments that a lawyer experienced in one jurisdiction may not have thought about.


How can we assist you?

Our contact details and information concerning the people that make up our firm can be found under Our People.